Please read instructions before proceeding. You will click the "NEXT" button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to advance through the registration process.

Step 1: SIGN IN and verify your personal information that we have on file is correct:

  1. The PROFILE tab contains your personal contact and membership information. *Your email address shown here will be the primary email used for this event and all future headquarters communications. Any changes made will be saved to your profile in our database. 
  2. The COMMUNICATION tab contains your communication preferences.
  3. The EMPLOYMENT verifies your current place of employment.
  4. The ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS tab contains information that helps us better access your needs.
Be sure to click the SAVE/UPDATE RESPONSES button to confirm responses and click the NEXT/FINISH button below to complete your registration. 

Step 2: Register yourself:

1. Select the REGISTER MYSELF button.

2. Select one of the registration options (e.g.alumnus, spouse/guest, etc.)

3. Browse through the different program items adding each event you wish to attend. These views are sorted by Day.

4. If adding a guest continue with instructions below for "Add a spouse/guest". Otherwise skip to the instructions below to "Finalize Registration".

you're adding a spouse/guest:

1. Return to top of the form and select Register Someone Else. Enter the contact info for spouse/guest.  Click Save & Close.
2. Under registrants, you will see an additional icon added for your guest. With that icon selected (highlighted) continue registration steps.
3. Select the appropriate Guest or Child registration  option.
4. ADD each program item you wish to register the guest to attend.
5. Repeat these steps for each additional guest(s).
6. If you need to make changes to an individual's selected events, you can toggle between registrants using the Registrants icons near the top of the form.
7.Once finished adding guest(s), follow instructions to Finalize Registration.

Finalize Registration:

1. Once all of the program items have been added for everyone attending, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to go to the Cart to see your final total amounts per person.  If changes need to be made, click on the ‘Summer Alumni Reunion 2023’ link to return to the registration form.
2. Enter PAYMENT DETAILS to update your credit card information and select SUBMIT ORDER to finalize your registration. 
3. You should receive an email with your confirmation with a complete list of events for which you (and your guests) are registered. There will also be a confirmation page you can print.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What credit cards are accepted?
AMEX,Visa & Mastercard.

Why can't I see all of the functions for Friday and Saturday?
The add on programs are categorized by day.You may click the down arrow to the right of the day to expand and display all functions for that day.Use the scroll bar on the right of functions to browse through the functions.

Why is everything so small viewing on my phone?
We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to complete your registration.

Registration Support:
Contact Denise Nelson at Please include the following:

- First and Last Name
- Initiated Chapter
- Initiation Year (if applicable)
- Preferred Contact Method
- Issue/Inquiry